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dick_brundage “Crisis Communications & Media Response Training for Today’s Leaders”

In a message that extends far beyond responding to the media, Brundage’s critically-acclaimed seminars on crisis communications have taught world and community leaders how to communicate effectively, especially during crisis events, when the lights are hot and the questions tough.

A widely recognized international crisis communications expert, former TV news anchor, producer and director, Brundage teaches communications as the demonstration of leadership.

From medical, corporate, legal and educational professionals to government, association executives, and industry leaders, Brundage has trained some of the world’s top executives with his insightful, intensive and practical techniques. His uniquely supportive workshops receive standing ovations and yield immediate and lasting results for all who participate.

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  • The Heart in Communicating

    For those who have seen and heard Richard Brundage in his live seminars for years, here is the book that many of you have asked for!

    "The Heart in Communicating - One person's journey from broadcaster to crisis communicator"